1. Echo Canzona 17th century anonymous
  2. Trio for two oboes and English horn Anton Wranitzky
  3. Trio Sonate in G major for oboe, oboe d’amore and piano Georg Telemann
  4. Intermezzo Opus 118 No 2 in A major Johannes Brahms
  5. Reflets dans l’eau Claude Debussy
  6. Introduction et Polonaise Adolphe Deslandres
  7. Disney Medley Arranged by Bobby Schiff
  8. Two Pieces Gordon Jacob
  9. Musical Clock Suite Franz Joseph Haydn
  10. Variationen uber “La ci darem la mano” Ludwig van Beethoven
  11. Three Happy Oboists Gary Friedman 



1. This Renaissance piece is in the musical style of Gabrielli is a delightful musical canon.

2. Anton Wranitzky was a Czech violinist and composer of the 18th century and a pupil of Mozart and Haydn. This movement sparkles with fresh, pleasant melodies in the classical style

3. oboe, oboe d’amore and piano The blend between the oboe and d’amore is unique, and the addition of the piano rounds out the rich harmonies.

4. This is a beautiful, introspective piece that Nancy is dedicating to the memory of her piano teacher, Mary Almjeld Veverka.

5. The translation of this lovely piece is “Relections in the Water.” Nancy is dedicating this performance to her dear friend and mentor, Paul Bouman.

6. French salon music of the 19th century brought the oboe to the forefront as a solo instrument. This piece is truly a virtuoso composition for oboe.

7. We asked our good friend and musical genius, Bobby Schiff, to arrange three Disney melodies. Enjoy listening to “Beauty and the Beast, A Whole New World, and Be our Guest” in a new way.

8. 20th Century English composer Gordon Jacob had an affinity towards wind instruments. His “Two Pieces” for two oboes and English horn captivates listeners with simple melodies and complex harmonies.

9. This piece is a transcription of some of the music which Haydn wrote for musical clocks in the 17th centuries.

10. “La ci darem la mano” Beethoven wrote this set of variations on a theme by Mozart. We have included our favorite variations of this well-known melody.

11. Displaying whimsical titles and memorable melodies, this piece features all three prominent members of the oboe family. This piece was composed in 2010 by Gary Friedman, and we have included three movements.

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