Allied Arts Club:

December 16, 2010:

On behalf of the members of the Allied Arts Club, I want to thank you for a wonderful and classy program.  Your programming and adaptation of music for woodwinds was so creative.

Your friendship and devotion to the soul of the various composers across the centuries was obvious.  Telemann, Beethoven, Jacobs and Smith – a very ambitious and well-performed program.  You touched our souls. You looked and sounded like you have been playing together a long time. I hope you continue to feed your bodies and souls with many gatherings for lunch and practice.

Thank you, a special program indeed,

Lenore, the Allied Arts of LaGrange

Robert R. McCormick:

May 16, 2015

Rosie and I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed listening to the Amber Trio at Cantigny this afternoon.  The three double reeds were magnificent!!! We thought the opening contemporary piece was an excellent choice and allowed the audience to experience modern harmonies and tonalities emanating from three instruments more known for their classical sound.

The baroque works were played beautifully as the sculptured, interweaving lines from each instrument created a solid period style.

The early Beethoven was a joy as well. The four-movement framework certainly emulated a symphonic structure that allowed each of you to showcase your individual and remarkable talents.  The final movement displayed each of your superb technical abilities as well. WOW!!

Nancy, you performed the Brahms brilliantly.  I could tell the audience was spellbound by the sense of emotion that you brought to every phrase. Very few performers in this world have the awesome ability to capture and emulate a composer’s true feelings at the moment of creativity.  You are one of those rare people.

Finally, the Disney medley was a perfect climax to a perfect concert.

Thanks to all three of you for sharing your amazing musical gifts through the collective amalgam called Amber.

With much love and admiration,

Rosie and Ken Jandes


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